Pre-Hire DCU Computer Account Registration

Use this form to request a DCU account for someone hired by the University and their start date is in the future but they require access to a University system earlier than the date their account would be provisioned.

The person must exist in Campus Community before this DCU can be processed.

* REQUIRED Legal Name of DCU account holder:
* REQUIRED University ID (found in Campus Community):
* REQUIRED The Date you would like this DCU to end:

The sponsor assumes full responsibility for the use of this account. Also, should the sponsor terminate from the university or the sponsor is no longer actively affiliated with the university, the DCU account(s) tied to this sponsor will subsequently be closed. The sponsors University ID can be found in the online directory.

* REQUIRED Sponsor:
* REQUIRED Sponsor's NetID:
* REQUIRED Sponsor's University ID:
* REQUIRED Sponsor's Department:

Authorized members of the Princeton University community may use the campus network, central and networked University computing resources, and the University's internet access, for educational purposes (including self-study), research, and the business of the University. The sponsor of a departmental computer user (DCU) will be held responsible for the DCU's appropriate use of the account and network access privileges, as defined in the University's core IT policy document (www.princeton.edu/guidelines) and other relevant policies. Unauthorized, illegal, or fraudulent use of the University computing resources is a serious violation of University regulations. If actions by the DCU account-holder are deemed to put the University at risk, the account may be terminated without notice.

The Trustees of Princeton University, and OIT, shall be relieved from all liability with respect to the performance of work as authorized by you. Neither Princeton University nor OIT shall be liable for any consequential damages even if advised of the possibilities of such damages.


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